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Switch App

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While mobile app stores are filled with various options of chat applications, Switch is different from them in more than one way.

Switch not only allows you to connect with your friends, family and colleagues for your daily conversations, but also doubles as your personal assistant (Genie). Genie will help you find anything, right from timings of your favourite latest movie in a theatre near you to what is the dollar rate today. Consider yourself as the master of Genie and ask him anything, he shall be more than happy to serve you.

Switch also has an option to create personalised emoticons by capturing pictures from your phone camera and using them in your chat. You can use these personalised emoticons in various other apps too…

Switch app also has a video section where our publishers publish 3 minute (max) videos telling you about their product. And guess what we pay you to see those videos. ;)

The product was in development phase till recently, but had to slow down the operations due to untimely death of the investor.