Unwelcomed Change

Unwelcomed Change…

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It’s 2:30 am on 25th October 2017, 5 days after Ajit & I started the Keto Diet with all the bells and whistles, everything that we had planned together has fallen apart. When I was hit by the biggest vertigo attack I have ever had in my life on the night of 23rd October 2017.

Since then I am out of Keto Diet and I have not worked on the project that I was working on so diligently since the day I started the diet  (Such a shame). I had lost 3 kilos in 3 days and was determined to go further. The initial speculation was that I have grown deficient of essential minerals in the body due to the diet and I moved out of the diet. A pair of bread with butter was the first carb loaded meal, I had after 4 days of clean eating. It was of no use, my condition was still the same 2 hours after eating that. I was administered a dosage of Electral followed by Gatorade which contained my headache confirming our doubt of deficiency.

That night everyone went off to bed, thinking I will be fine by morning as I had improved after the consumption of Electral and Gatorade. But the morning had something else in store for us. I woke up with a blasting headache which made me dizzy like I was on a rollercoaster. My dad (he is a doctor) had come in from Gujarat by morning and gave me some meds to contain the situation after hearing about my last night’s improvement. Even after those meds, I ended up puking and my situation failed to improve.

This is the first time we realized that this was more than mineral deficiency.  This looked more like vertigo attack that I had a few years back and landed me in Kokilaben Hospital for a few days. We decided to meet the physiotherapist that had helped me with my vertigo after I had been discharged last time. We got an appointment for the evening and I had to prepare myself to bear painful dizzy few hours. Dad helped me with an ointment in the back and neck which helped me relax the muscle spasm in those areas reducing my dizziness. I saw the physiotherapist in the evening and our doubt was confirmed. I am right now under the treatment of that physio which is gonna extend for a few weeks and am informed that my back and neck muscles have grown very weak due to constant computer usage.

While I take weeks to recover, lose a lot of productive time, hard earned money to this treatment and sulk over not completing the diet routine, I will urge to all the computer professionals to take control of their health. Move around, stretch your bodies, hit the gym, pool or the joggers park in your area every day to keep the body in working state.

To end this rant, I would want to thank Ajit Bohra, Mrugesh Gor, Ushma Gor, Sudesna Banerjee, my Dad and my physiotherapist Dr. Indu Tondon to help me with my condition. Some even had to face my idiotic behaviour when I am out of whack. I love you all. ?

Stay healthy everyone. ?

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