2017 had been an year of learning, a year of friendships, a year of finding love, a year of finding a purpose and pursuing it. This is to remember everyone who has helped me by their actions, words, guidance & care. I want to thank them by this list (and I hope, I don’t miss anyone πŸ™„)

My Mom & Dad, Sister, Uncle, Grandmom, Sudesna Banerjee, Ajit Bohra, Rashmi Shivdasani, Purti Nevgi, Hardeep Asrani, Puneet Sahlot, Prathamesh Palve, Devin Walker, Parth Pandya, Bhargav Mehta, Hardik Shah, Mrugesh Gor, Saurabh Garg, Ziegler Colaco and everyone who reads my blog.

I wouldn’t have been what I have been today without you’ll.

Thank you for being awesome. I will try to be the same in 2018.

Have a great year ahead. πŸ˜ƒ πŸ€—