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It’s time to change…
Jayman Pandya
Oct 20, 2017

It’s been over a decade where I have spent more than 80% of my time sitting and staring at a screen trying to build something for me or my clients. The primary focus of life to achieve something, do something that no one else was able to do in my family lineage. But in this rat race, I forgot one thing; “My health”. At the age of 31, my back is stiffer than a metal rod.

A week back when Ajit Bohra and I were taking a walk, we ended up discussing how we are good designer/developer but how bad we are at maintaining our health (He also suffers from knee pain due to weight gain and spondylosis induced vertigo). This is the point where we decided to take control and change. We decided to lose excess weight, get body fat under acceptable limits and improve overall strength. We decided to have each other’s backs in the process.

I have moved to Bhayander and am living with Ajit since the day before yesterday. Starting yesterday we have started Keto Diet to help us jump start our weight loss. We have also started walking and are aiming to achieve an average of 6km every day. Starting tomorrow we will do 90 mins of weight training at a gym. We are going to do this for next 45 days with a goal of reducing our weights by 10kg and waistlines by 3 inches and gain some muscle mass. We are not going to consume any performance enhancement drugs and will be on a vegetarian LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) Diet.

I am writing this blog post to tell the world about our activity as I want it to go out to everyone and act as my motivation every time we feel like quitting. I want to call all of our well-wishers to keep an eye on us, call us out and shame us publicly if we falter on this.

A small glimpse of what we are eating. (I know it’s not very appetizing)


Time to cut down #Keto #Diet #swasthjeevanseason2 ?

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